My Cousin Fucked His Chachi – Part XXI

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I had a very nice time at Patna with my aunts (Rani Mami and Nitu mami) and my cousin (Tannu) already narrated in my earlier parts. During the summer of 1998, I decided to take a trip down to Purnea, (our Native Place) for a holiday to see my mom. I was looking forward to meet my folks there. Ever since I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my aunt, (father’s sister) named Nimmy whom I called Nimmy Fua.

She took care of me many times when my mom would go to work so I had spent very little time with my mom since the death of my father. She was like a mother to me. When I reached home, everyone was surprised to see me because I had become fat a bit from the last time they saw me. I hugged everyone, talked a bit, washed up and changed to some comfy clothes. My eyes were looking for Nimmy fua and she came to see me when she heard of my arrival. The time was around 6:45 am when I had arrived there.
So basically it was time for all the other family members to go to work / school / & what not. I told my mom that my body was sore due to journey and I was going to get something to drink, munch on something and take a nap. I was missing my fuck sessions with Nitu mami, Rani Mami and Tannu.
My mom left for her school as she had to get her leaves sanctioned and instructed my aunt (father’s sister) to look after me. My aunt fed me, went to the guest room and came out with a bag filled with sets of woman’s clothes. After a few minutes, she changed to something which I wasn’t able to pay attention to because I was tired and dozing out.
Then she came and sat at the edge of the bed with sort of a skimpiest outfit – a super low-cut white blouse without a bra and a see-through black sari. From what I recall, she wasn’t wearing any bra.
Let me describe her looks and figure to you. My aunt was about 43, just as tall as me – 5’6″, about 70 kilos, long black hair, fair-white skin, big curves on the sides, great hips and ass, meaty thighs, sexy belly, and last but not least – humongous milky white tits.
Later, I remember her telling me her bra-size was 42 D. She was the sexiest thing I had seen for the past 48 hours, she had just the body to die for and slobber all over.
As she was sitting at the edge of the bed, she started talking to me and asking me questions about my life at Patna, friends, and hobbies, etc. As I was lying down, I went on talking and answering her questions. She slowly started lowering down and by this time, her end piece of the saree that goes over the shoulder was fallen on her lap and she was exposing major part of her massive cleavage.
She then asked me how my soreness was. I replied to her, “I’m sore all over”. She requested that she’d give me a pain-relieving massage and I agreed. At this time I had a huge bulge in my pajamas, which I’m sure she must have noticed of.
During the massage session, she asked me if I knew that she had breastfed me very frequently when I was young. I said “No, because no one ever told Me.” and asked her “Since how long ago did this happen?” The response was, “When you were a baby and had to be nursed since your mom who was a teacher had to attend her school regularly I breast fed you often.”I had even more of a rock hard bulge in my pajamas at this time.
She told me “You wouldn’t let go of those big jugs and you cried for them very often. I had to leave my work just to attend to your needs” I was very aroused by hearing this from my aunt. And I was wondering why she was telling me these things now. Then she started seducing me by telling me that I have grown big now, and I look very masculine, & when I was young, she had fantasies of taking advantage of me at the time and later in the lifetime.
Now I had my chance, I started telling her raunchy jokes and kept on raising their level; one joke which made her the most laughing and gave me a chance to fuck her, I would like to share with you, One day a husband said to his wife, darling lets try something different, I will fuck you in your ear, his wife was afraid and said that she will become deaf, then her husband said has she ever gone dumb till now”.
She is very much liked the joke and while laughing with this joke she put her hand on my thighs. By this time we had become very much frank with each other. I also put my hand on her hand and asked her if she also does this act.
She became a little sad and said that her husband does not satisfy her and he only fulfills his desire by only fucking. Then she went on to say of how her husband comes home very late every night, never makes any time for her, never satisfies her or gets anything for her. The expression she made, “I haven’t had cock in a very long time” just shocked the shit out of me. Then, I told her that I was starving.
She said she’ll happily feed her sonny nephew again. She closed the door, and then she sat on top of my stomach, I lowered her saree and her super low-cut blouse, and let her massive knockers fall down. I took them both in my hands, squeezed them gently. Damn, they felt so heavy, pinched them, kissed, licked and sucked her cute sexy pink pencil-eraser shaped nipples and tasted them very well.
I was very hard by this time and I kept my hand on her large boobs and she did not oppose. I told her that she is extremely beautiful and I am really in love with you and missed her dearly. She gave a cute smile and said that I am too nice. My hands were on both of her boobs and I started to press them gently.
It was a great feeling. She started moaning with pleasure and kept her hands on my hands and brought them more closely towards her boobs and asked me to press them hard. I was also out of my control. I put my lips on her lips and started sucking them.
My tongue was exploring her mouth and she too responded me very well. My hands were still on her large boobs squeezing them. This went for about 15 min. and during this period I made her lips dry by licking all her juices from her mouth and the feeling we got was great.
It was not my first time and still I did not know this could still give me so much pleasure. I then put the pallu of her saree down and started unhooking her blouse. Then she started kissing my neck, face, leaving hackles all over, kissed my chest, gently bit my stomach, and went down slowly. During this period, she also opened my pajamas and she grabbed a hold of my 8″ cock and stared at my cock and balls.
This whole time was silence, then she spoke “I’ve never seen such a huge thing in my life; I never knew a cock would become this size.” I told her, “Well now you know. It is due to your breast milk which I had in my childhood. Now, take that big cock and put it in your mouth.”
She did just that, pulled it out and said, “I’ve never done this before.”
She started playing with it and I was moaning. It was tremendous feeling. I just cannot describe. I had to take away my hands from her boobs. She kissed my cock and started licking it.
Then she took it in her mouth and began to suck it very hard. I had lost my control. This was a great feeling I was having for the umpteenth time in my life and my goodness;
I was out of the world. She started to suck it very hard and giving me a good blow job.
I told her “This was your 1st blow job experience with the biggest cock you’ve seen so far.”
I tell you, she was a pro with no experience. She started of slow by licking the tip of the shaft, grabbed the entire thing, squeezed it, and slowly rubbed her fingers over my balls and following the squeeze.
As she was giving me the greatest head ever in this entire universe, she started increasing her pace. When I had a feeling that I was about to shoot my load in her mouth, I didn’t want to cum so quickly. This went for another 10 mins. and I could not hold anymore and I told her that I am coming, hearing this she increased her speed and I came all over her mouth and she drank all of my cum. This was the greatest experience.
I probably lasted for about 15 minutes and definitely she liked it. At this time she was super wet. I wanted to feel her big sexy clit and so I started undressing her. As you could probably guess, she wasn’t wearing any panties…easy access for me. I slowly put my hand down to feel the outer folds of her hot soaking wet clit.
It felt amazing, so I laid my fingers there for a few minutes and sucked on her nipples again. This was driving her nuts. I was having the best time of my life. I’d do anything to go back to that day. Then, I started moving my fingers up and down, in and out of her wet clit and started fingering her. I could tell that she was enjoying this just as much as I was. I stretched her cunt hole with my hands and put my nostrils on her quivering cunt hole and took me deep sniff.
Wow smell of her cunt was very erotic. I pressed my nose in her cunt and sniffed it again and again. I put my tongue on her clit and started sucking it. Some time I took her puckered ring between my teeth and bite it. She was moaning with pleasure.
Aunt moaned deeply. “Mannu, suck my clit suck it hard! Please!”
I closed my lips around her clit, and started sucking on the tender flesh as I inserted another finger into her pussy. I was expertly massaging her ‘g’ spot while my tongue teased her stiff clitoris. Moving almost frantically now, she grasped my head and her thighs squeezing the same.
She asked “Yes, Mannu yes! Oh, don’t stop! Suck harder”
I sucked at her clit even harder as she reached orgasm, causing her body to stiffen slightly before moving against my lips and tongue. Arching her back, shaking and shivering, she groaned softly as her juices flooded her love canal.
Since she hadn’t been done this way ever in her lifetime, she came within minutes and passed out on me. “What a selfish aunt” I thought. After a few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. She immediately got up, dressed and addressed the door. It happened to be my grandma from downstairs. We were almost caught. I gave her a real dirty vicious look and told her, “You owe me big before I go back”. Her answer was, “Perhaps one everyday”.
I was afraid my grandma might tell my mom and ruin my holidays so I begged her not tell anybody. She scolded me and my aunt also and threatened if this is not stopped at once she will tell my mom. This was her first and last warning. Next part of the story is narrated by My Grandmother
Hello my name is Vidya I am Mannu’s grandmother. The next part will be narrated by me. Mannu had lost his father very early and he along with his sister been brought up by his mother with a little help from me and my daughter Nimmy.
I adored him and so did my daughter Nimmi his aunt. He loved to stay with Nimmy since his childhood. But what I witnessed today was unimaginable. I saw Mannu having sex with his aunt (father’s sister). I admonished both of them but really felt sorry for Nimmy as I knew she was not having a very happy married life. Her husband couldn’t satisfy her but it was no excuse to have sex outside marriage. Then my daughter in law (Mannu’s mother) will also seek sex affairs as she is also without her husband.
But later the mother in me also convinced me to allow Nimmy to have sex with Mannu. It is acceptable as long as it is within the four walls of our household otherwise she will seek the same from outsiders. So I decided not to report the incidence to any body rather allow them to proceed further.
Mannu slept the entire day due to journey fatigue and sex. In the evening he got up and inquired about Nimmy. He left for Nimmy’s house for dinner. Nimmy was waiting for him when Mannu entered in the kitchen. They both ate quietly. After the dinner she ordered Mannu that she wanted to have some talk on the incident that happened today. Mannu was afraid that she would scold him and tell his mother.”I know that what happened today was not right…” she said to Mannu.
She further continued that “But… I think that… it was not only your fault… I think that I was also…. involved in it… I must have clothed and behaved myself properly.” She paused for a moment and then said “I know that it would be difficult for you to control your erection every time you see my breasts or remember me feeding you as a baby.” Listening her saying about her breasts made Mannu’s cock to stand in attention position and Mannu had to adjust himself to hide his erection.
His aunt noticed his erection and started crying “See I made you hard again… I have made your life so difficult… you have to masturbate several times to relief yourself… I will just stop taking care of my figure…”
Mannu bent forward and took his aunt in his hands “Aunt Stop crying… It’s not your fault to be so beautiful.” While he hugged her his chest came in contact with her breasts and his cock became harder and stiffer. He was sitting so close to her that his cock was now touching his aunt’s lower abdomen.
She grabbed her dick with her hand and at the same time a moan escaped Mannu’s mouth. She tightened her grip over his dick and moved her hands over it. Mannu let his head fall back on the sofa. Nimmy pulled his shorts down and started stroking his full grown cock.
Nimmy took his dick in her mouth and began sucking it. As Mannu was fed up by her aunt’s sex torturing so he didn’t last for long and came in her mouth without any warning. He shot too much for her to swallow it all. Some of it was leaking from her mouth.
Nimmy stood up gave him a kiss on his lips making him taste his own cum and said “I think my work is finished here because the erection which you got because of me has been subsided.”
After saying this she left the room and went for sleep. After some time Mannu also went to sleep. The next morning when Mannu came out of his room his aunt was cleaning her breast. She hand not covered her breast and even didn’t try to cover them as Mannu entered the room.
Mannu’s cock came to life by seeing her naked breast and this time she didn’t try to hide it. He sat on the couch watching TV. After a while his aunt came and sat beside her.
“Mannu could you do me a favor?” she asked him.
“What?” was Mannu’s reply?
“You see… my breasts are heavy and it hurts a lot. So could you please suck them?” Then she pulled her one breast.
Mannu was in a state of shock. His aunt asked him again which brought him back to his senses. He grabbed the boob with his both hands and took the nipple in his mouth. He applied very little pressure on her nipple.
It felt so good that he wanted to suck her nipple forever. The nipples would often be erect and tout. Thus, Mannu always thought the nipple to be this way since he saw them erected all the time. Mannu let her head fall back on the couch. She was moaning. “Ahhh…. suck it harder. It feels so good. Suck it harder and faster… Aaaahhhhhhh….”
Hearing his aunty using such erotic language Mannu increased his pressure on her nipples. He was now nearly biting her nipples. She mumbled, “Aaahhhh… please also take the other nipple.” Mannu took no time to act on his aunt’s command. He took the other breast out and sucked it as hard as he could. While he was sucking his aunt was busy in undressing him. She pulled his shirt and pants off. She motioned Mannu to stop.
She said “Thanks for the great sucking you have really given a great relief to my sore breasts… but now you have caused another problem.”
Mannu was wondering whether he had sucked her nipple to hard. He saw them for hours and admired their beauty in the depth of his mind. He saw the areolas so clearly that he could draw circles exactly like them. Aunt said “You sucked my breasts so beautifully that you had made my pussy sore… so could you please also relief my pussy.”
After saying so she stood up and let her shirt fall off her shoulders and pulled her pajamas down. She wasn’t wearing any panty. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and her love juices were dripping.
She lied on the sofa, spread her legs and motioned Mannu to start his work. She was lying completely naked, with a big red bindi on her forehead, some bangles in her hand, payal in her foot and managalsutra in her neck which was right in the center of her big juicy melons.
Mannu was still in a state of shock but he recovered quickly. He sat down between her legs. He placed her mouth on her pinkish pussy lips and kissed them.
An electric shock went down Nimmy’s spine. Sucking a pussy was not an easy task as compared to sucking a breast. The thought was enough for Nimmy to give her an orgasm that she was being sucked by her nephew whom she has breastfed as a baby.
Then he moved towards her legs and started licking her fat thighs, he looked at her pussy, she had a trimmed bush around her pussy lips. He started to lick her pussy and darted his tongue deep in her love hole. He was going mad by the mix smell of her pussy juices and sweat. Then he moved towards her naval hole and started licking all over the plump stomach, he put his tongue in her naval hole which tickled her.
She grabbed his head with hairs and pushed him down back to the pussy.
She was saying “Please. Suck my clit, please. Aaaah I’ll die of pleasure. Please, your uncle has never sucked it” He said aunty “Don’t you worry aunty I’ll do everything as per your wish.”
And he started licking her pussy again. She was moaning loudly and abusing him.
She was saying “You, motherfucker eat my pussy, my pussy is your slave from today. Bastard you always loved sucking my boobs since you were a small child.
From today my entire body, my entity is yours for the asking. Suck harder lick my clit. I am enjoying it.” Then she tightened her grip of legs around his head and started rubbing her pussy on his face. She didn’t last for long and suddenly she shuddered with a big orgasm and came in Mannu’s mouth. After that she pulled Mannu up and kissed him deeply to taste her own juice. They kissed for nearly fifteen minutes.
Their tongues explored each other’s mouth. He held her face in his arms and started chewing her juicy lips; he kissed all over her face and neck. Nimmy then started sucking his nipples. He started moaning loudly “haa…n aunty please. Don’t stop haaaan …. Aaah …. Please. Suck the other one also.” And she started sucking both of his nipples simultaneously. It was the greatest feeling in his life, while she was sucking his nipples; he was fondling her big boobs and kneading them very hard.
This sucking and kissing had made them very hot, especially Mannu as it was after a gap of 72 hours. Mannu could not wait a second; he took control of her, pulled her legs over his shoulders and placed his dick on her pussy lips. He stopped for a moment to seek permission from her.
Their eyes met and she gave him an affirmative sign and said “Darling please, Enter my pussy. I can’t wait, Put it in. I need your big donkey dick in me right now. I can’t wait anymore, Fuck your aunty. Quench the eternal thirst of a woman. Tear my pussy.”
He was getting really horny to hear these words from a lady of 43 yrs. of age. He pointed his cock to the opening of her cunt and pushed. He pushed his penis into her in a single thrust. She let out a moan as she felt the manhood entering her. Her pussy was flooding with her hot love juices. Then he started moving to and fro, his cock was going in very easily due to the lubrication of her juices and his pre cum.
In the beginning Mannu was slow but with the passage of time he increased his pace. “Ahhh…. faster… faster… harder… take it more deeeeeep…” she was screaming with pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started moving her big buttocks upwards to match with his thrust. He took one of her boobs in his mouth and started sucking it violently. She was also moving her hands on his bare ass and back.
Nimmy was moaning loudly saying” “Push harder, hit me. Can’t you push hard? Everyone in this town was after this pussy which I am giving you myself. Even your father longed for my pussy and was ready to do anything to fuck me.” He was shocked to hear that his father had fucked Nimmy aunty who is his sister. It was shocking to me as well because I was also unaware of this incestuous affair in my house.
While saying this she was moving one hand in his hair and with her other hand she thrust her other boob in his mouth and said “Please suck the other boob also, eat it, mince it. Drink from my boobs once again. …. Ough ….hgh…hhuuo……. ” He was stroking her her hard and violent. He looked at her; she was looking very sexy with bindi on her fore head. He started sucking her lips and at the same time fucking her hard.
It seemed that she never experienced such hard fucking ever before and she loved it. She tightened her grip on his waist and her pussy wall contracted and expanded which gave him immense pleasure. He shouted loudly “Nimmy aunty I love u aaah…..aaaahh my love Nimmy aunty. Take this my lovely load.” Her hot pussy didn’t let Mannu to last long and he came inside her and spurted his semen in her womb. At the same time Nimmy also came making his cock sink in her juice.
He withdrew from her hole and lay panting. He lay on top of her for some time licking and sucking her boobs. She looked satisfied. She said “Whenever you desire you can have my body. My pussy is always ready forever. I will fulfill all your desires.” After that she got dressed and gave him a deep kiss, but at that time as well he was kneading her buttock which I liked most. She kissed him goodbye. He returned to his house and slept. I was also watching the entire episode from my room unknown to them.
Now I will have to confront my daughter whether she actually fucked her brother or not. But that will be in next part. So that was all about my story. Hope you all liked it. I am thankful to those who read this story and liked it and I am also thankful to those who didn’t like it. Mails are coming in, thanks to all those who have appreciated the story and send their valuable comments.
And thanks especially to all women, who have bare hearted their sex lives and given their over whelming compliments to me. I would also like to thank my dear friend Rinku Singh aka [email protected] without whom this story would not have been possible. I appreciate his selfless help, support and guidance which motivated me to write these stories. Do rate the story and write to me how you liked the story.
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