Indian Sex Story

Sexy Lady Boss’s Crazy Blind Gift

Hi all readers this is my first story. This story is completely my imagination. All you have to do is imagine you’re self in my place (if male) or in the opposite place if female. Read it with patience normal story line but tried to make it different
Today is our project delivery and there will be a lot of work to do.We were working hard and I am unable to work because I am unable to stop staring at my Manage. I had my fantasy of having sex with my boss.
Many people are gifted with many talents, and I was gifted with the sexiest Manger. Most of our projects and success are just because of her. She is the strength of our company. Our company completely depends on her structure. (37.5” 26” 36.5”)
I get a hard on just by seeing the madam. When she comes for the meeting in those tight formals I can’t stop staring those sexy thighs, I want to kiss and hold those thighs tight. I can’t stop staring at those beautiful hard round boobs and that cleavage I want to suck them and fuck between them. What can I do rather than go to the restroom to get my heat down. I just want to fuck her once just once and that’s all I needed. Oh gods give me that one chance………..
Time is moving and everyone was submitting their works and moving out of office. At last only madam and I were there. I was getting tensed and was not able to do any thing and she started moving towards my place.
She asked me “hey are u finished with your work”
“No madam “
“What’s the problem?”
“Don’t know madam”
I can’t stop staring at those hot legs.
“What are u saying… you don’t know what the problem is “
“Do you know that the time is 11 PM and we have to submit it in one more hour?”
“You don’t have any responsibility, let me look into it”
She came near my system and was bending over me to look into the problem. I am unable to stop myself. I want to rub that big ass and slap them. Those boobs I cant say anything but see them. I always wonder whether she knows that I was looking at her.
She typed something into my system and said “that’s it, the problem is solved”.
“Hey can u wait for me to come”.
“Sure sure madam”
She went into her cabin and came out so happily
“It’s working”
“Neil I decided to give u a party”
“Sure” what a great day is it…..thanks my god
“She took out alcohol”
We had it.
“Hey Neil why are u looking at me like that always”
I was shocked. I am not able to answer anything
She said in a horny tone “Neil lets play a game”
She took of her coat. She is too hot in that tight blue shirt. She came so close to me and took my tie off. She came to my behind and started blindfolding my eyes. I can feel her boobs touching my back as she was blindfolding me.
She said that “The game is that you have to catch me then I will give u a gift. If you remove that blind fold, the game is over and we can go home”
I am still in confused state and said “Ok”
She was shouting my name “Neil I am here” and running around me like crazy. I tried and at last I was about to fall down and got those beautiful thighs. She shook me off her and said “baby your gift is here” and suddenly something had fallen on face. It is the same smell of her. It’s her shirt and skirt.
Now I understood the game and started jumping on to her. I got caught of her boobs and said “Yes”. I was rubbing them like all I need was those beautiful things. She was busy doing something else and all of sudden “here’s your next gift darling” and she had pushed her panties into my mouth and kicked me away and said “now get me you idiot”
“Pervert stop smelling my panties and get more from me you asshole”
She is getting hotter and Horney. I was about to remove my blindfolds.
She shouted “hey don’t you want to play the game…”
“These many days you were watching me now catch me and enjoy u dickhead”
My dick was getting harder and harder and I removed my dress. This time I got complete hold of her (naked). I can feel her ass, hard nipples with my hand, and I started moving my other hand towards the pussy. I was kissing her neck and ears. She said in a harsh and Horney voice “don’t you want the gift” “then leave me darling”
Then she took my dick into her hands and started pulling my dick. I started running behind her in the direction she pulls my dick shouting “please slow down madam  “please leave madam” “ ohhhhhhhhhhh”
She said “stop shouting you bitch” a
“Don’t you want to have a blow job baby? “
“yeah yeah please please madam”
Then she sat in the chair and started stroking my dick and slowly kissing my dick head. Then she has put her tongue around my dick started licking it….
Then took my cock into her mouth completely and started sucking.
“haaaaaaaa its great madam” “ madam can I remove my blindfolds?”
She has bitten the cock “maadaam ok I won’t remove them”
She is very good at playing with my balls and sucking my cock …
As I said “Madam I am going to cum” she kept my dick completely inside and sucked it as if to get something out of it. I came and filled her mouth. She drank it all
She pulled my dick down and I came down now she said in my ear “darling now it’s my turn” “make me cum baby” “FUCKER start eating my pussy” and she pushed my head deep into her pussy. I too tight hold of her ass as she is sitting in the chair and started eating her pussy and pressing her ass and trying to push my tongue deep inside her pussy. She has got some hair I don’t even know the color of her pussy. It’s wet and tasty. I took one of my hand started finger fucking the pussy and sucking the clit of her. As I am increasing the speed she is arching back in the chair and I am pulling her towards my mouth.
“ aaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and my mouth is wet with juices and she is shivering I took hold of her waist tightly and kissing her pussy and thighs. She came down to the floor. Hugged me tightly and kissing me. “Love u baby” “love your sucking idiot”
We fell on the floor kissing each other. Then I said “madam I love to play any kind of game madam”
“Please madam lets play this daily”
She laughed and said “don’t you want to play now big dick? “
Then I fucked her in between the boobs and we fell asleep and woke up to find that we were cuddling each other under the table and the time is 7 Am. We hurried to find where our dresses are, had a deep kiss and moved out of the office to our homes.
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