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Amar prathom choti, ekti satya ghatona ablombone

Mama O Mamira,
Amar prathom choti, ekti satya ghatona ablombone.
eti english e lekha. ekhono avro keypad 64 bit machine e paoa jaina. sutorang english e likhlam. jani bangla blog e erokom kara pap, tabuo korlam.
parer angsho bangla te likhbo, jdi avro paoa jai.
hoi hoi karun
PS. Kichu ekta makhiyechilam tai repost korlam. kemon holo janaben.
This is the story of my first sexual relationship. It all happened a long time ago, almost two decades back. And it happened with the younger daughter of our landlord in Calcutta, two years elder to me.
I am a Bengali, and so was she. And both of us were fair. That’s where the similarities ended. I was a 17 year old, 5’8”, thin, somewhat pimply guy (well, below the waist I was strongly built, with powerful legs & a handsome dick). I used to be quite active, was in football & cricket team, & built quite a bit of stamina.
She was 19, almost same height, velvety smooth – I think Lush is the apt word to describe her. It was a sexy visage with a pout, rather than a beautiful one. Perfect boobs, it’s a cliché but it was like two himsagar mangoes. Neither too big, nor small, beautifully upturned and standing straight… what a pleasure it was to maul them, to lick & suck them.
We grew up together & at the age of 15 I saw her panty, from a distance. Lust started to spread its tentacles in my dick. But neither had I had courage nor there was any indication from other side. So all that I did was whitening the bathroom walls.
But things started to change after a couple of years. She moved up from their ground floor flat to first floor, right next to our flat. Her window opened onto the balcony, where I studied ( I also had a small adjacent study room). So she saw me sitting all day & night, right in front of her windows, bare chest (my chest was bony, but I had, & still have most luxuriant chest hair. Shiny, thick & downy) eyeing her lush globes surreptitiously. It was too much for her J. One day I was studying, and she was coming down from second floor (her parents stayed at the terrace flat). She was, I felt, deliberately, bouncing down the stairs. Her lush globes were jiggling and I was watching. She didn’t stop, gave that strange ‘woman’ look & went in. I felt there must be something but still wasn’t very sure.
Then the key moment came in 2-3 days time. It was past 1.30 in night. I was studying in the balcony and she came & sat on the chair across the table. Her top had two buttons open & there was that tantalizing hint of her cleavage. I gathered courage & stared point blank. She closed her eyes & sighed. Well it was an awesome experience. I gathered more courage & touched her feet, well, eyes remained shut but the boobs swelled. I became courageous like a gurkha & started slowly rubbing. Slowly moved it up to ankle, scratched it with toenails, her breathing became little deeper. Now my dick was awake & courage started to flow. I quickly moved through her calf muscles. She was enjoying thouroughly & languorously said “ dustu, kaku (my dad) ese gele”…in response I scratched backside of her knee. She shuddered “ummmm…”ki tor bhalo lagche” I was rewarded with another ‘hummmm’. She was aroused now. I started to rub her thigh, she tried to protest. But I forced my feet through…she was taking very deep breath, moaning very lighlty & melons were pumping up & down. Awesome sight.
Suddenly I pushed my feet through to her panty. It was wet & soft. I gave her quick 3-4 rubs. She arched, holding the handles and hissed ‘ aar naaa…please aaj aar naaa’. I was also scared as she was a bit loud. So quickly removed my feet. She looked deep in my eyes and said ‘ kauke bolbi na…promise’. Of course, I promised & kept it (till today). But asked her if she enjoyed. She smiled sexily, and I asked for my reward. She asked what do I want. All I asked for was a kiss. She was scared. But I managed to convince & took her to my study room (it opened in the balcony). At the door itself, I took her in my arm. She melted in without protest and then we kissed…long, slow, exploring everything inside each other’s mouth, lightly biting…whole nine yards (I don’t know how we knew all this…probably hardcoded in gene). I was rubbing her back, slowly kneading her soft mounds. I felt her small nipples hardening under my thumbs. She lightly moaned ‘ammmmm’, I asked her if she’s liking it ‘hmmmm..arek tu kar…ohhhhh’ she purred. So I continued playing with her lovely tits & licking her neck…all upar upar. After an eternity, she broke off, panting. I also controlled myself. We kissed deeply & left it at that.
That night onwards, every night around 2 she came to be molested… On third night, I managed to put my hands inside her bra. She loosened it & gave full access willingly. Soft, springy melons. One by one I molested them both, took her nipples & twisted them. I guided her hand to my dick. She was surprised at the size & thickness…’ baba, ki baro re’… I said ‘tor janne’…’ashabhyo’…then she slowly jerked it, it was a great feeling. However we closed it there that day. Every night it became a routine. For 10 minutes, we’ll lose ourselves in forbidden pleasure.
After all these, we became very close. We discussed lot of things; she started sharing little details of her college life. We were clear that we don’t love each other. But we love to play with each other & more importantly, trust & lust are both there. I know the term now ‘fuckbuddies’…The lust started to grow fast, but we never got a chance to take it further. So it was limited to kisses, fondles and jerks. It was making us hornier. One afternoon, my mom was having her siesta and bro was in school. I didn’t go to school for some reason. She returned from college & I called her. She was scared, but I convinced her quickly ‘ fatafat chatka chatki kore ni’. I told her to quickly return in a skirt. We kissed passionately, exploring deep inside the mouth. It sent shocks…I lightly bit her full lips. Slowly licked her neck, and she sighed ‘ummmm, ki korchis’…I opened couple of button. Her deep cleavage jumped up. I kissed and licked her cleavage slowly, all while one hand rubbing her crotch and other hand busy kneading her soft ass.
She was scared but thoroughly enjoying my touches. I was little scared too, mom was sleeping in the next room and here I am playing with a hot girl’s soft young body. She opened one more button and caught hold of my head and pushed deep on her soft swells. She positioned herself so that I could insert one hand under her skirt. The panty was drenched. I started rubbing with my right hand while my left was busy playing with globes. Lefty went inside her top and tweaked her small, hard nipples. She was squirming, biting her lips to stop crying out. My junior was rock hard. I was slowly humping her soft asses. She forced my hand deeper on her crotch, whispering ‘aha..aha…aha…hummmm…uhhhu…ki korchis…issss’…I was kissing her nape, licking & biting her ear lobes. She was completely in my control.
I was aware that we can’t go beyond this now. Fucking her is out of question – mom is sleeping next door and no condom either. So I thought let me at least get a practice & promise from her ;). I turned her around ‘skirt ta tol…’ she protested weakly but then let me lift her skirt. She was wearing a soft white panty, totally wet. I planted a long kiss, smelling in her salty smell of sex. I made her hold her skirt up, positioned myself & started nudging & rubbing her pussy with my nose & hand. Ohhhhhhh….musky, salty smell of her sex was making me wild. It was so bloody difficult not to take her right there. And to know she wouldn’t object…
I had to control myself from getting lost. So focused and kept rubbing her buttery crotch, scratching inside of her velvety thighs. She was grinding her crotch hard on my hand. I grabbed her half moons and started squeezing violently, pulling them apart, scratching her butt hole. Then I stood up, took out my junior (it was senior by then) and started to dry hump her wet pussy. She held her skirt up & adjusted herself. On my third hump I think I hit her clit, for she squirmed violently. She lightly caught my rod. Whoa, it was great…pistoning through her grip, hitting her soggy panty, kneading & licking her tits.
I whispered ‘tor jouban amake de’.
She hissed quietly ‘aajke na aajke na…kichu hoye gele?
‘aaj toke charbo na, puro nebo’…I whispered slowly. She turned her face & pleaded ‘please please’. I moved in to press my advantage and asked for a promise, while opening her legs and humping hard ‘ kabe tui amar hobi, sab dibi, amake bhitore nibi…I kept saying dirty things. She started coming, holding me hard and whispering ‘ yes, yes, sab nis sab nis…ohhhoo… hummm…ki darun re tui…aro jore, aro jore….hhhhh…grinding her pussy. Electric shocks were passing through my body too…first girl in life coming. And then she came, I gagged her to stop from shouting. It was a wordless howl. A long orgasm… My dick also burst in huge spurts. I don’t know how long the orgasm went, the world was completely blank.
We then quickly cleaned up. My jizz was on her panty, dripping down her thighs. I just peeped in to see if mom was sleeping. I made her bend down then, lifted her skirt and rubbed clean my junior on her ass. We closed the session with a long kiss.
Then we were just damn eager to fuck. Every night we spoke about it, strengthend our commitment to mate. I brought her some condoms, which she hid in her room. But the chance was just not coming. I was dying to see her naked, so asked her many times. She kept teasing. Actually she saw my manhood, but I didn’t see much of her main assets. Only half the boob. Thus more than a month passed. Sky burst into a typical Calcutta monsoon and then the night came.
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