Indian Sex Story

A Milky Angel

Share my new experience which happened 2months ago ,since this is somewhat different frn normal experience iam writing here ,now iam encouraged & wanting more chances like that.

next to our house stays a young couple -rajesh & usha & her mom.theirs is a luv marriag ,rajesh speaks tamil &usha is malyali, he is avg but usha -should be crowned miss creation & i scratch my head how she agreed fr marriage.her mom is also sexy-widow but too conservative & me rajesh sometime chat too much & go occationally to hav some beer r non veg outside but mostly he never spoke about usha to me & avoid when i ask him details hw he married. usha middle class but very gud luking lived with mom & hubby .

real story is she has delivered a girl baby two month back ,very cute ,sweet angel more like usha,her mom takes care of baby ,usha is house wife so do house work & rajesh goes to work in nearby garments factory ,now night shift so goes at 5.30 evening come 9 morning, so evening i go to his house talk to him ,usha & aunty also play with nisha little angel regularly as no one had problem & i also was going as gud friend only without bad thinking at all. so much close to family ,i had bike so also go shoping if usha r aunty ask any thing , that was friday night my whole life changed & i also.

at 9 night i heard nisha crying very loud fr half hour so i guess some problem like fever r she fell down like, aunty entered worriedly my house & called fr urgent help as now both usha & nisha crying ,she dont no what to do, i rushed fast & see nisha vomitting ,crying also usha on cot crying , i took nisha with childish play i made her comfort she stopped crying but usha started more crying , i blushed & felt giddiness fr first time cing usha with blouse open ,her milk pots free so huge ,both – god i felt it will burst now, she didnot open eyes was crying. aunty asked fr help to go as real problem i no & asked aunty to take nisha & sit in hall ,i said if u want usha pain to go i will do -i hope u also know this , u gave brth tousha ,she said i know but her pain too much , because it is night she agreed me to help usha & she also want pain to go ,she said i can do whatever i want but pain to go & aunty closed door helpless .i took usha she was still in pain & i see her boobs still grow big & hot, can any one imagine a man in that position , i may be one lucky man to fill my stomach withfresh ,natural milk like son, help the lady with so much pain like gud neighbour that too when man of house is not there, a lust filled lover who can explore his world now & give happiness to her. this problem is because nisha had cold she stopped drinking milk fr two days ,all milk stayed inside & give pain. i askedusha to sit to squeeze milk in vessel i started slowly right one my hand got bit milk ,hot which turned me hot ,i got all excited,my urge going up not controlable, but initially kept silent taking out milk, i took 300 ml & changed to left &started ,usha slowly felt easy & may be she wanted to thank so she brought hand to my shoulder in the way she touched vessel of milk which fell on my face ,

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whow ………… ……… …… sensation,taste, energy all came together after tasting some milk which fell on face , i felt giddi , she said sorry & wiped face with pallu but she pulled near rt breast now i could not stop & suddenly put my mouth to nipple held it tight & sucked fr milk, first hesitated but soon she held my head tight to her breast i go on drink milk, now she pulled head & took to lt one which was big & she said decrese my pain here also fill your stomach don’t worry my mom will sleep , stay here only night, my prick was like a hard steel rod hot & i started pain because of so much time erection , she felt comfortable but i getting pain now, i said it & she said i helped her in her pain & now she will help me, i stood & she removed my pant & quickly took my rod to hand & mouth saying it is hot like lava need to be cooled ,now i thought that she is not satisfied with rajesh so only he dint speak more about her to me. after sucking fr 15 min she took ful inside ,my body got shock & i said u drink my milk & sudden ly hold her head tight & spurt my seed in her mouth & she too drink all like me drank her milk & empty her milk jugs. both got tired but now pain is gone only happy, we slept fr 1 hr & time is near 1115 night ,i got up said i will go , my work is over, we came out of bed room , aunty & nisha sleeping in hall but aunty got up was very happy to see usha smiling & thanked me.i replied no i only helped,she insisted i stay there with usha night ,give her happiness she is missing & not let me go to my house.i also agreed we went inside ,aunty slept in hall, pls wait i will tell what happened in next 2-3 days.

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