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School Bus Love + Story

As I was climbing the stairs of my apartment my roomy Reshma was coming down.
“Geeta your boyfriend is here, you didn’t tell me he is such a hunk,” she said. I was confused since breaking up with Niraj I did not have a boyfriend.

“Nakul is here you idiot, no good hiding from your friend,” She said. I realized that my cousin brother Nakul was here. But when I realized hwy he had lied to my roomy about our relationship a wave of thrill went through my body. We were very close to each other and three years back while both of us were students Nakul had fingered me while we had taken a shower together at my parent’s house. After that he had gone to us to study so we had remained in touch on e mail but even then we used to enjoy cyber sex occasionally. Now all of a sudden he was here telling my roomies that he was my bf.

“I am leaving you two together to catch up. I will be back by 8,”Resham said and we hugged each other. I opened the door with my key and walked inside. Nakul was about to enter the bathroom and when I saw his muscled body wrapped in a towel a faint shiver ran up my spine. His body was muscled almost grotesquely, his biceps and forearms were bulging with muscles and there was not even an ounce of fat anywhere on his smooth hairless body.

“Surprise sis, hope you didn’t mind my telling Resham that you are my gf,’

“Not at all bro provided you will do all the things that my bf will do if he has a couple of hours alone in a flat with me,” I said and winked at him.

We were standing with our arms around each other’s waist. Nakul slowly pulled my dupatta away and admired the gently rising and falling breasts in a low cut green kurta. His hands were gently patting my rear through my tight shalwar. I stood on my tiptoes and offered my mouth for him to kiss. We kissed while Nakul squeezed my buttocks and I traced a line on his chest with my finger. MMMM it was nice. After breaking away from each other Nakul gently eased me against the wall and raised my kurta to touch my naked smooth stomach. I shivered and closed my eyes as his touches became more erotic. Nakul slowly ran his finger on my stomach and then reached down to pull the nada of my shalwar. As he was gently pulling at the cord I reached behind myself to unzip my kurta and pulled it over my head. Nakul removed my shalwar and then admired me. His sister was a full grown woman of 24 with large firm breasts barely contained in a black bra and an equally firm round ass encased in a pair of nylon briefs. My nipples were making their shape visible against the think fabric.

“come bro please make me your woman,” I said and spread my arms. Nakul lifted me in his arms like a doll and carried me inside the bathroom. Our bathroom was really luxurious with a huge spotless tub in the centre. Nakul had already run a hot water bath in it with lot of foam. He put his sister there gently and then removed his towel. I gaped at my brother’s manhood.

Nakul’s tool like everything else about him was oversized with a 9 inch shape and almost 1, 1/2″ thick. Now it was getting erect and its tip was glistening.

“Sis I don’t have protection,”

“We don’t need protection brother in the family please come here,” With this I unhooked my brassiere and threw it away and then reaching inside the water I pulled my panties down and allowed it to float in the tub. Nakul was about to enter the tub when I stopped him and made him stand. Then I rose to my knees so that my mouth was level with his dick. I held his buttocks and took his dick in my mouth. Nakul gasped and pushed my head to make me deep throat him. I started to lick the base of his shaft and started to suck his dick. After breaking up with my bf I had experienced oral sex only once and now my mouth was hungry for my brother’s huge dick. I was sucking on him like a lollipop while he sat down and started to stroke my breasts. After making sure he was completely aroused I stood up and told him my wish. Nakul smiled and said sure. He cupped my ass cheeks and I jumped to grip his waist with my thighs. Then Nakul eased me against the wall and partially supporting me on the wall and partially in his hands he raised me to impale me on his cock. I cried out loud as his huge lund thrust deep in my pussy and he started to rock in rhythm. I bit his shoulder and made him move faster. My pussylips were getting incredibly stretched and his hands were kneading my ass cheeks brutally.

“sister is I hurting you?” He asked with another thrust.

“No Nakul make me your maid fuck me deep and don’t stop ohhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed with delight as Nakul once against raised my buttocks and impaled me full forced on his cock. This time it managed to bury itself deep in my pussy and now he started to rock by balancing me only on his cock. He was so strong that I was feeling light like a feather.

“Nakul oh brother you are so strong,” I cried and pushed his head between my huge breasts. Nakul bit hard on my nipple and drew blood I cried and due my toes in his buttocks and scratched his back. Nakul was moving quite fastly now making my poor small pussy take pounding.

“Oh oh oh oh,” I was crying his name again and again asking him to fuck me faster and harder, his balls were slapping against my ass and he was biting my nipples alternately drawing blood from them and his hands were squeezing my ass cheeks with full force. I was enjoying the smell of his body and how the muscles felt on my smooth tender body.

For the last 5 minutes I was biting his shoulder trying to keep the passion in control so that it does not kill me right away. Nakul pounded in my with a fevered pace and then buried his monstrous cock in my pussy as deep as it would go and then he pushed me hard against the wall and keep me pinned there. I shuddered as he came in huge gushes of hot cum all over my pussy and then we both were controlling our breathing.

“you are crazy,” I said and gently lead him to the bath. We were lying there for barely 10 minutes before I felt his manhood hardening again. I shivered with delight. This was going to be along weekend.

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